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Monday, October 12, 2015

TT Racer - Not Blocked

System: ZX Spectrum
Publisher: Digital Integration

This program is very closely mimics the race on motorcycles. The machine is controlled in the same way as a real racing TT. In this sense, the game is very realistic, however, in terms of entertainment.

In terms of dynamic qualities: acceleration, agility and other specifications - Motorcycle SUZUKI presented very carefully. You can take part in races on different tracks and in different conditions - acts real racing tactics. Her foundation: care of the enemy, overtaking competitors on the turns, etc. From this perspective, the game can be seen as a test of racing skills.

With all the sophistication of motion simulation motorcycle quite a joystick to control it on the track. The combination of "fire-forward" and "back-fire" makes it possible to change gear. The screen is visible track surrounding objects: trees, signs, bikes, and on the bottom of the screen - control unit’s motorcycle. It revives the image of the game to move the gas lever and clutch are rotated according to the movement of the joystick.

The route we show very primitive. The movement of objects is almost absent. All front-reaching motorcycles of the same green color, if you do not take into account the usual flicker attributes. However, when you bypassed the driver suddenly appears in the rearview mirror, he suddenly breaks out here with all the colors of the rainbow.

Moving the road quite smooth, but not better than these early games. If you love fine imitation - buy the game if you want to see another version of the race - nothing special here. (BKIkp-92) Management really realistic, but the graphics, alas. (Leonis)

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